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Apple’s Next Year’s iPhone 13 Should Come With A Smaller Notch: Rumors

Apple first launched an iPhone with a notch to house Face ID back in 2017. It was the prized iPhone X that came with quite a few upgrades. Since then, all the iPhones that have been released to date have come with a notched design. Many iPhone users considered the notch quite a drawback as it kind of looked odd on the edge-to-edge iPhone display. Now, however, there are rumors that Apple’s next year’s iPhone 13 will feature a smaller notch.

According to the leaks, the next year’s iPhone 13 is expected to come with a smaller or reduced notch. Remember, however, that similar rumors have been around since very much the time when the iPhone was first introduced with this controversial design.

Though the development of iPhone 13 has already been started, it’s not going to arrive until fall 2021. It’s not for the first time that the leaks have come from the early development phase of an iPhone and we have seen this practice in the past as well, but things might easily change once the device’s design has been finalized.

This leak about the smaller notch design of iPhone 13 has come from a twitter user “Ice Universe” who simply tweeted that the upcoming “iPhone 13” will come with a smaller notch. The tweet was then followed up with an illustration clarifying what they actually meant when they said “shorter notch”.

The illustration image features an updated smaller notch which seems shallower, rather than narrower, as compared to the older iPhones. That said, we can’t really say how big a difference this would be to the new iPhone design, but we’d definitely be happy to accept whatever Apple gives us.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has never changed the size of the notch since it was first introduced in iPhone X, and that’s exactly why it’s going to be a major improvement should it arrive in iPhone 13. With the status bar of the device already going a little deeper than the notch, it’s still debatable whether or not it is going to change anything from the functional aspect.

The leaks and rumors that came leading up to this year’s iPhone 12 also suggested that the new iPhone might come with a smaller notch. Now that the iPhone 12 has arrived, that wasn’t the case. However, according to the previous rumors from a popular leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple definitely is interested in bringing a shrinked notch or completely removing it some time soon.

If Ice Universe is to be believed, the notch will get shorter with the release of iPhone 13, and that means Apple is set to maintain that same width on top of the device’s screen, but the overall height might get reduced. With this type of change, more vertical space will be available for the user content. However, it’s not yet clear as to how much of a difference this small change is going to make.

Similar leaks have also come from Ice Universe in the past as well, including the information about 120Hz refresh rate for iPhone displays and the supposed A14 benchmarks.

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