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Ready To Install iOS 14 Public Beta And iPadOS 14 Public Beta? Check Out This iOS 14 Installation Guide

With Apple’s new iOS 14 public beta and iPadOS 14 public beta already out and available for the general public, all the Apple lovers are ready to give it a try. If you haven’t already downloaded your latest beta versions for the new operating systems for iPhone and iPad, it’s time you get your copy and see what’s coming your way this September when the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer will launch the final product.

Before proceeding with the iOS 14 public beta installation, be mindful of a few important things. First of all, the beta releases from Apple almost always come with a few errors and bugs that are fixed once pointed out by the users and testers. These public betas are, by no means, the stable versions of the new software and shouldn’t be installed on a primary device to avoid any problems later on. Second, it is always a good idea to create complete iOS and iPadOS backup before you proceed with the new installation of the software. Keep this backup on iCloud or your PC and restore from it if needed in the future.

Another important detail to mention here is that the new public beta versions of the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will work only on the select iPhone and iPad devices. So, you should proceed with the download and installation only if you have a compatible device on which you can run the installation.

How To Install iOS 14 Public Beta and iPadOS 14 Public Beta?

So, if everything checks out, you should now proceed with the installation. Follow the installation steps below:

  1. Register yourself on the Apple’s public beta program first. Go to the official website of the Apple’s beta program and “Sign Up” there to start things off. Do this on your iPhone device. After choosing the program that you’d like to sign up for, enter the Apple login credentials to proceed further with the installation.
  2. Login to your Apple account and click on “iOS” or “iPad” tab as needed. Your choice should depend on the operating system you’d like to download. There’s a “Download Profile” button in each of these tabs and you need to click it once there. The system will prompt you to download your beta profile now.
  3. Go to Settings à Profile Downloaded and simply install that profile to your iPhone/iPad.
  4. As the installation completes, again go Settings à General à Software Update on your device. The software update will start and your device will restart once it is completed.

Start using the newly downloaded and installed iOS 14 public beta or iPadOS 14 public beta. You will also receive any future releases of the software’s public beta versions. Go with over-the-air installation option for any future updates to the public beta versions of the software. Enjoy your iOS 14 or iPad OS 14 experience as it gets better with future beta releases.

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