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IPAD 3 64GB Wifi+Cellular B Grade

IPAD 3 64GB Wifi+Cellular B Grade

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Good Products classified as “B” or “Good” are functional devices that include minor physical imperfections. All “B” grade devices pass our 36-point Phone Check Certification functional tests.

These devices are:

 Equipped with clean ESN/iCloud/FRP
 Free of customer data
 Free of liquid damage
 Physical imperfections may include
 Glass cosmetics: medium scratching, minor case scarring, 1-2 deeper scratches, no image burns
 Housing cosmetics: medium scratching, no more than 4 dings or dents, medium scuffs, medium potential case wear
 Battery: 1 year or newer devices: 75% above capacity Older than 1 year-2 years old: above 50% capacity Older than 2 years old: working battery, no life requirements